In order to accommodate all of our customers’ needs FTHK is designed to provide a range of storage, maintenance, packing and unpacking services. This gives our customers a greater degree of flexibility and control over their distribution networks.

Many of our warehouses are able to provide comprehensive pick / pack, de-stuff / palletise, bulk stack and storage services and facilities. As a result FTHK will not only transport your goods quickly and safely, but we can also help play a key coordinating role in your distribution network. You get to release your goods when and how you desire.
Our available facilities also allow us to ensure the smooth transition of your cargo through every phase of the transport cycle. This is combined with our outstanding levels of customer service and our tailor-made, flexible solutions.

Our expertise staffs won’t let your expectations down,they are wellorganised, highly qualified & can handle Modern equipments with utmost care, thereby assuring a secured storage facility both indoor and outdoor.
*in addition to storage our flexible warehouse include services such as emptying, stowage, repacking, packing & most importantly preparing your valuables for transport; your trust is our responsibility.


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