Custom Clearance

Fast track high king won’t let you get tired of custom clearance procedures, from past experiences we can provide our clients the best out of solutions with minimal cost.
From the moment of shipment to delivery,we will handle it all for you,with the help of staffs who have precise knowledge on legal procedures ! Each item of cargo you are importing or exporting must satisfy official Customs formalities and regulations in order to proceed across international borders.

Many of our global agencies can actually offer an in-house Customs clearance service. This provides an easy, efficient and legally compliant transit of international cargo without involving any other organisation or regulatory body.

How we really help you?
- provide expert advice and guidance
- Submit import and export Customs entries on your behalf.
- Swifter processing through Customs procedures.
- Reduced risk of Customs intervention for ocean-going shipments.
- customs formal clearance
- import & export duties
- import & export clearance duties
- import & export TAX
- project cargo clearance
- specialised documents


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